How Shiift can help YOUR TEAM

Are   you constantly managing bickering & irritations between team-mates?

Do you have a stagnant team, unwilling to change and preferring to do things the 'way it has always been done'?

Does your team not have a clear direction or true understanding of their capabilities? 

If the answer is yes, we have the tools to help!

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Developing motivated, productive, happy teams is a challenge for most businesses. Managing different personality types, cultural differences, generational differences and communication styles can be a minefield. At Shiift we provide the groundwork for you to understand the personality types of your team members, but also your own. Once you have an understanding of this, learning strategies to better communicate with that personality type will create positive change in your team dynamic.

Introverts and extroverts are polar opposites in terms of how they communicate. In simple terms, introverts think before they speak and extroverts do the opposite, speak before they think. Introverts prefer 1:1 & to reflect on ideas vs. Extroverts prefer to brainstorm in groups and bounce ideas off each other. Understanding these basic differences will create more positive internal interactions and communication, more productive teams, and will reduce conflict in the workplace.

Through our MBTI - Effective Communication workshop, learn how to harness the 'superpowers' of introverts and extroverts, brush up on communication 101 techniques, and understand the nuances of different personality types. This program is one of our signature events and creates countless 'light-bulb' moments in a fun, interactive environment which has the potential to change your team dynamics overnight. It helps increase understanding and awareness of personality types (including your own) and provides strategies to allow effective communication, manage conflict and create motivated, productive teams

Layer on top of personality type an understanding of the individual strengths of your team and you have the foundation to build a motivated and productive team. Imagine a workplace where everyone was valued for their individual strengths, where people were empowered to use these strengths and where they were recognised for them being a positive attribute? Would that workplace be infinitely more productive and profitable - we know so!

With the help of our Gallup Strengths Finder programs we can provide you and your team the tools to understand and leverage individual and team strengths and understand how individuals with different strengths can work together to achieve incredible outcomes.

At Shiift we are passionate about creating workplace cultures where both people and business thrive. The foundations of that are identifying your core values, beliefs and organisational pillars, but also setting team expectations and team goals to be able to engage with your people and include them on your business journey. The achievement of those goals should be celebrated through positive feedback and recognition, motivating your team further.

Creating a strong workplace culture is integral to business success and we delve deep into team expectations, goals and missions to allow cohesive teams to work towards common goals.

Gallup Strengths Finder

As a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, we provide the tools to understand individual and team strengths and  how to leverage these strengths to create greater productivity and profitability in your business. 

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