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How Shiift Can Help YOU...

Do you struggle with managing other people?

Have you been recently promoted but feel like you are not equipped to lead a team?

Are you finding it hard to step up from being a team-mate to managing your team-mates?

If the answer is yes, then Shiift is here to help!

Are you leading your people?

Many people find themselves in the difficult situation of gaining a well-earned promotion based on skills, qualifications and performance, but at the same time discovering they are ill-equipped to manage the ‘’people’’ side of the role. Whether you have been promoted to foreman of a large work crew, or supervisor of a large team of guest service agents, or team-leader of a small group of 2, the challenges remain the same. If you want to make your work life easier, more fulfilling for you and your team, as well as feel like you are growing as a leader in your new role, then consider Shiift's leadership development programs.

Through our Mate2Manager and Manager2Leader programs we provide the tools and techniques to face these challenges. Through monthly stepped modules we focus on effective communication, delegation, motivation, accountability, problem solving, feedback, and time management. After each session you will take away strategies for practical implementation within your workplace, and assess their effectiveness in your next session via group discussions. You will receive ongoing support from your program peers and develop into a more knowledgeable, confident leader. 

A Shiift in perception becomes the cataylst for change!

At Shiift we also offer individual performance coaching. Our coaching frameworks achieve stepped growth through curiosity, exploration and self-assessment. Our catchphrase is "A shiift in perception becomes the catalyst for change" - we continually provide the tools to encourage and nurture that mindset shift.

Our iLead program targets self-leadership and provides the perfect environment for participants to self-assess with honesty, build confidence, and understand individual strengths, whilst creating a greater awareness of capabilities and untapped potentials. This program is the perfect foundation for all professional development. If we can't self-assess we can't grow.

Do you second-guess your innate strengths - what you are hard-wired to do awesomely well!? Our CliftonStrengths Sessions provide a complete assessment on exactly how you thrive in the workplace and the strengths you bring to a team. These 1:1 coaching sessions produce amazing results in confidence, capability, as well as professional and personal growth. Extremely effective as a 1:1 coaching tool or to create high-performing teams.


A combination of iLead and understanding personality types is covered in this program providing a solid foundation for new managers, supervisors and business owners.

Everything from communication and delegation to accountability and time management is covered in this stepped interactive program.

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