Developing and displaying good leadership for many does not come naturally. Great leaders communicate effectively, have a strong vision, know how to delegate and take accountability.

Many people progress into leadership roles because they were good at 'doing'; being a leader requires a whole new mindset.

At Shiift we provide the tools and techniques to inspire, lead a team, and build a kick-a!@rse culture. Our leadership programs and workshops provide the blueprint for success, underpinned by understanding personality type and what drives human behaviour.


If culture is "the way we do things around here", what's your culture saying today?

Shiift works with all your teams to develop healthy workplace environments in which people thrive. Our internal programs are staggered allowing time for implementation and review throughout.

Your team is vital to your business success; they manage and sustain your workplace culture. Take the time to nurture, upskill, empower, and invest in your team and you'll achieve greater business outcomes.


By identifying and understanding individual and team strengths you can quickly create positive change. Performance can be easily increased overnight by  understanding differences in personality styles and adapting communication styles to suit.

At Shiift we work with employees, managers and business owners to leverage individual and team strengths and increase productivity and profitability. Understanding each individual and harnessing individual and collective strengths is what we are passionate about.

We are passionate about people and challenging the status quo



This self-leadership program provides the space for participants to self-assess with honesty, build confidence, understand strengths, manage conflict and create a greater awareness of people's capabilities and untapped potential. It identifies traits, strengths and develops early leadership skills through practical strategies for new managers, supervisors and team leaders.


This program focuses on teaching new leaders to step up from 'team-mate' to managing their team-mates. Managing your team-mates requires redefining workplace relationships and learning to 'manage' instead of 'do. We identify and develop your leadership style to learn the art of effective communication and how to manage conflict when it arises.


This is the "go-to" of leadership programs as we step participants through behaviour change, leadership traits, delegation, motivation, feedback, recognition, time management, conflict management, communication, team building, creating your culture and more. We create accountabilities for implementation within participant's workplaces and check in on progress between each monthly module. This program provides a great foundation for new managers, supervisors, team leaders and business owners.


Thrive is an exclusive women's professional development group that meets monthly to identify, explore and develop self strengths that can be utilised in the workplace, as well as at home. Based upon positive psychology and the neuroscience of creating new patterns of behaviour, participants learn effective communication and resilience skills in an empowering learning environment.

   Strengths Finder

Imagine if you could create the change you need in your work & your personal life with the least amount of effort! A strengths-based approach is about capitalising on the things we are good at. We use the Gallup Strength Finder Assessment as the foundation of this program. This is a must for all! Use it as a 1:1 coaching tool or to fast-track high-functioning teams.

   Effective Communication

Learn how to harness the 'superpowers' of introverts and extroverts, brush up on communication 101 and understand the nuances of different personality types with this personality type program. The MBTI helps you understand personality types (including your own) and create a greater appreciation of differences. It provides strategies to allow effective communication, manage conflict and create cohesive productive teams 

   Workplace Culture

We help organisations identify their core values, beliefs, expectations, priorities and goals in order to be able to engage their people and include them on their business journey. Creating a strong workplace culture is integral to business success and we delve deep into team expectations, goals and missions to motivate your teams to work towards common goals.

   Human Resources Support

From developing policies and procedures to inductions and performance management, we offer a range of services to help you manage your people. Our conflict mediation service has an impeccable track record. We provide tailored HR services essential to the sustainable business growth of SME's across all industries and sectors.

   Business Coaching

From the development of strategy and providing forums for innovative thinking to assisting business owners and leaders with navigating periods of organisational change, our tailored approach to business coaching is developed after an in-depth consultation process. One shoe definitely does not fit all and our experienced team are primed to help you pivot.

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It's time to make the change through one of our people-focused programs...

Conflict Management

$ 297

  • Understand why conflict occurs
  • Learn the tools to have difficult conversations
  • Prevent conflict through resolution
  • 4hr session with workplace implementation strategies

Strengths Finder

$ 435

  • Working with your unique strengths creates an environment for you to thrive!
  • Maximise your infinite potential
  • Strengthen what you do best naturally
  • Top 34 Strengths Report with 1.5hr coaching


$ 1496

  • Create a self-managed, motivated workplace
  • Monthly integrated modules
  • Suitable for managers, team leaders, supervisors
  • Workplace implementation strategies & coaching support throughout