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Manager2Leader Program

Do you have managers or leaders? This Leadership Program is the 'How To' of creating a self-managed, motivated workplace. Learn how to really create sustainable change - not just a quick fix. Our stepped monthly modules include follow-up of implementation into your workplace - we make your team-members accountable!

Modules cover understanding of personalities; communication styles, what your body language is really saying, the art of effective & engaging feedback, creating desired workplace culture, & how to ultimately create a self-motivated environment by aligning values, priorities & expectations.

Let us teach you to create the environment which increases productivity, accountability, profitability & repeat customer happiness!

Manager2Leader Program

Do you have managers or leaders?

Without leadership your workplace can suffer high staff turnover, a negative culture, lack of care or motivation, & average profitability.

This program steps up everyday 'managers' into leaders people trust, respect, listen to & follow.

Our point of difference is stepping our leadership modules out over 4 months & tracking implementation into your workplace. Your participant will be coached in affecting positive change directly into the workplace.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Create trust, respect & accountability

  • Identify irritations & manage potential conflict

  • Motivate & engage their team-members

  • Focus on team vs self

  • Deliver feedback which is accepted & acted upon

  • Delegate & problem-solve effectively

  • Build the workplace & people culture your business needs 

Modules are delivered monthly to allow participants time to implement & achieve sustainable change.

This program is suitable for:

  • Newly-appointed managers, team leaders, supervisors, staff with potential

  • Managers/supervisors with limited, or no previous leadership training

Limited to 18 participants per group. 

Where:  Jubilee Centre, Mackay

When: 4 x 4hr Sessions - March to June

Time: 8:30am to 12:30am 

Cost: $1360 per person, ex GST

Monthly Modules

24 March

Module 1. Understanding Personality + Module 2. iLead - Our Understanding Personality module is without doubt the greatest investment in creating permanent change through understanding and awareness of the different traits which form our unique DNA. Understanding that someone isn't intentionally trying to irritate us has a profound positive affect on all participants. Learn the differences and strengths in Introverts & Extroverts, problem-solving styles, communication styles, information onboarding styles & procrastinator vs rigid routine style.

iLead is the  foundation of all leadership sessions. iLead helps participants learn to self-assess with honesty, build confidence, understand strengths, and create greater awareness of capabilities & untapped potentials. 

28 April

Module 3. Communication 101s + Module 4. Building Your Team; Building Your Culture - Learn the importance of verbal & non-verbal communication; creating kick-a!@e inductions which engages your new talent; creating the culture your business needs; team dynamics; Introverts & Extroverts & leveraging your team's identity. Participants will understand how to build engagement (emotional connection with your business) & build the team you need.

26 May

Module 5. Effective Delegation + Module 6. Motivating Your Team - Learn how to delegate for succession planning, delegate to motivate, proactive vs reactive delegation, barriers & obstacles and will self-assess gaps with the Delegation Avoidance Model. Our Motivation module is a highlight covering Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivation, how to present 'palatable' feedback, constructive feedback, instantly motivate your team with our 30 second recognition template (proven to be foolproof!), and connecting your team with your 'why'.

23 June

Module 7. Accountability + Module 8. Time Management -  If you have nailed previous learnings accountability will be an instant by-product. If not, we have a guaranteed framework to create mutual accountabilities. We teach the profound difference between responsibility & accountability, clarity of expectations, & the positive framework for 1:1 discussions. Time management covers prioritising tasks, factoring & managing disruptions/distractions, reactive vs proactive, when lists don't work, procrastination , circadian energy cycles, batching, chunking, & multi-tasking. Loads of tips, tricks & strategies.

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Limited to 18 participants per group. 

Where:  Jubilee Centre, Mackay

When: 4 x 4hr Sessions - March to June

Time: 8:30am to 12:30am 

Cost: $1360 per person, ex GST