Mate 2 Manager

From Team-Mate to Managing Your Team-Mates

Mate 2 Manager
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Mate 2 Manager

With the current shortage of middle management we need to invest in staff to get them to the next level. Our Mate2Manager workshop highlights the difference between 'doing' and 'managing' with the emphasis on redefining workplace relationships, facilitating 1:1s & 'expectation discussions'.

Our half day workshop will lead participants through a stepped process on how to achieve a successful transition, building a culture of accountability, loyalty, cohesion & trust. 

All participants will create & implement an individualised, stepped, 'Development Plan' specific to your workplace, your situation, your team.


Date & Time

22 October 2020

8:30 am 12:30 pm Australia/Queensland

Judy Porter


The Lookout, Coral Sea Marina

Shingley Beach Road
Airlie Beach QLD 4802
--The Lookout, Coral Sea Marina--
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