The Art of Listening
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Are you willing to have your mind changed?

If only we listened with the intent to just listen. Unfortunately, we have been hard-wired with the intent to reply - which doesn't make us that effective at listening at all.

Neuroscience tells us we speak at an average of 125 words/min, listen at 400 words/min and think at 900 words/min. 

If so, how do we master the art of quietening our mind to truly listen to someone?

 True listening starts with the willingness to have our mind changed – not to be ‘right’ or perceived as the smartest in the room. 

When we open up our mindset and invite others’ opinions, perceptions & experiences we are truly creating a learning environment for us and those around us, whilst simultaneously demonstrating empathy & respect. 

Surely the world would benefit from more learning environments and less opinion-based environments ….. so let’s all demonstrate empathy, respect and promote learning environments by learning the art of really listening.


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