It"s the Manager!

It’s the Manager!

Managers have a huge impact on business outcomes -- they influence at least 70% of your employees' engagement.

Teams with talented managers can realize a 48% increase in profitability, a 22% increase in productivity and a 30% increase in employee engagement scores (Gallup, 2018).

Majority of employees state the quality of their manager is more important than their salary.

According to Gallup – the World’s leading polling organisations who combines research and analytics to create ground-breaking meaningful organisational change – 8 Habits of the World’s Best Managers are:
  1. Always communicate the reason why - most employees are at least a little unsure about how their work fits into the "big picture." So, when big changes are required, many employees lack motivation. It's the manager who is ultimately responsible for making that connection.

  2. Be open to new ideas from your team – change requires innovation. New managers often feel like they ought to be the ones with all the answers but a true leader gathers a team greater than the individual.

  3. Admit and accept mistakes – continual improvement can only be achieved through honest conversation; lead with accountability.

  4. Communicate a lot and connect frequently – especially if they are remote; use coaching conversations to motivate your team when they are flat.

  5. Discover what motivates people besides money - do they enjoy meeting new people? Mastering new skills? Bonding with a team? Working in the background? To motivate your team members, figure out how to reframe projects in a way that is uniquely compelling for them.

  6. Explain why your team matters and celebrate excellence - how many employees show up to work for years and never feel like they matter? Only three in 10 U.S. employees strongly agree that in the last seven days they have received recognition or praise for doing good work.

  7. Realise that you have to care about your team’s lives outside of work - Life happens, and life impacts work performance in a huge way. For this reason, managers need to understand their employees as people with full lives. Managers should know, at an appropriate level, what's going on in an employee's life. Are they buying a house? Kids being bullied? Struggling with home repairs or renovations?

  8. Always be on the lookout for new stars to promote - What's a top goal for exceptional managers? Identifying and developing new leaders. Bad managers focus on the past -- what can't be changed. Average managers focus on the present -- the issue at hand. But the best managers focus on the future -- what does future success look like?

Great managers see themselves as coaches, developing players to maximize their potential over the long term. Which one are you?
An investment in your managers can (& will) solve a major part of your HR and Culture issues. Shiift’s has drawn on the works of the world’s best leadership mentors and coaches to provide the region with a proven, effective leadership and management program ‘Manager2Leader’. Start your journey with us today.

It"s the Manager!
Shiift, The Details
15 November, 2020
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