Our Vision

To create environments in which people & business thrive.

Shiift specialises in leadership, culture and performance. Our team of experienced business owners empower others to achieve their greatest potential by sharing practical knowledge and their collective years of business experience.

We assist people and businesses seeking inspiration, innovation and continuous improvement, by providing the tools, training and ongoing support required to effect positive sustainable change. 

Shiift understands the challenges individuals and businesses have with finding time to implement effective change strategies and our programs deliver achievable strategies, training and support which are sustainable and effective.

Through performance coaching we  create productive and profitable outcomes for individuals and businesses. We give you the tools to change behaviours and develop cohesive teams.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Judy Porter

Leadership & Culture Specialist
With over 20 years’ experience as a successful business owner combined with a degree in Psychology - Organisational Behaviour (BBeSt Psych), Judy brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to her clients .

Judy’s business experience coupled with her passion for what drives behaviours, creates a formidable framework for helping people and businesses develop sustainable change. From start-up to managing over 250 employees Judy has firsthand experience of the difficulties faced in implementing change that works. Judy’s passions for behaviour change, personality type, communication and leadership styles teamed with her own personal business experience are what makes Shiift’s programs relatable and successful.

Input | Achiever | Learner | Relator | Individualisation


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Alita DeBrincat

Performance Leader
With over 10 years' experience managing diverse teams in fast-paced tourism businesses, Alita's strengths lie in developing organisational efficiencies to maximise profits, as well as creating cohesive teams in dynamic and challenging work environments.

Alita's is passionate about helping businesses increase their chances of success by focusing on being as efficient as possible. Alita understands that successfully running a business requires a great deal of time, energy, money and other resources, but she truly believes both personal and business productivity can be improved by effectively delegating, remaining focused, automating processes and welcoming change.

Analytical | Relator | Arranger | Achiever | Responsibility

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Lee Porter

Strategic Planner
With proven success as a business owner of SME’s across a range of industries, Lee also holds advisory board seats on several private Australian companies. Lee’s talent for strategic planning and 'out-of-the-box' thinking assists Shiift’s clients to achieve their organisational goals and develop strategies for business growth.

Lee’s strengths in creating unique concepts and developing alternate business models, contributes to the success of Shiifts business coaching services. Lee lives by the mantra “what if….” and offers alternate ways thinking for business leaders wanting to improve their business performance.

Achiever | Focus | Activator | Ideation | Deliberative

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Megan Pettit

Leadership Facilitator
Megan believes that being a leader is not about being in front of others, but it is about taking care of your team. 

Through leadership coaching Megan helps business leaders and individuals develop their teams by identifying individual strengths and using these strengths to improve business performance and create cohesive teams. 

Megan believes that by providing employees, managers and business owners with the tools to understand themselves and their people, they will be empowered to succeed, to perform to the best of their ability and to take pride in achieving their goals.

Empathy | Achiever | Harmony | Consistency | Positivity 

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