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Invest in your people & increase productivity by >26%

A high performing, productive & profitable team
is your ROI from great leadership & workplace culture

We create environments for people and business to thrive!

At Shiift we specialise in leadershipculture and performance. Your people drive your business, therefore we value people and understand the importance of inspiring and empowering individuals and organisations to achieve greater potentials.

We've endured the struggle of frenetic start-ups, juggled the reactive environments they create, and experienced first-hand the challenges of managing different personalities, teams of 2-250+ people, as well as the genuine difficulties in implementing change amidst the chaos of everyday operations. We sought solutions - and now bring them to you!

We love to challenge the status quo and understand the value of changing behaviours to change outcomes.  We work alongside business owners, leaders and diverse teams to provide the tools, training and ongoing support required to affect positive, sustainable organisational change. Through identifying individual strengths and changing dysfunctional behaviours, we help employees & SMEs grow.

Our diverse products and services include interactive personal development workshops, performance / business coaching, in-house training to create robust workplace cultures, leadership & employee engagement programs, change management strategies , conflict mediation, as well as HR support.

Our clients range from corporate to public sector, from tradies to teachers – teams of 2 to 2000+! We offer everyone simple tools to initiate changing behaviours and outdated processes to affect positive change in themselves and their business.

Shiift Events & Leadership Programs

We provide highly-engaging workshops, in-house programs, 1:1 coaching and events that help your people & your business achieve sustainable, positive, profitable change. Based in the Whitsundays Queensland, our clients are predominantly on the east coast of Australia, with public programs located across Mackay - Blackwater -Townsville and further afield.

Our interactive, stepped programs provide tools and techniques to be easily implemented in a logical framework. We create 'curious' environments which encourage ideas and innovation across all business sectors. We develop frameworks which target personal and business 'pain points' and create development programs for individuals, teams and entire businesses.  

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